CCTV Installation service is the core of our business. Newtech Solutions Ltd have installed various CCTV systems ranging from small shops with 2 CCTV cameras, to multi-story complexes. Our business model is purely based on customer satisfaction. Unlike many competitors, we will not disappear after the initial service and our dedicated CCTV support will be just a call away. In addition to standard cctv installation service we supply and Install the latest IP CCTV systems for a future proof surveillance systems. Before all Installations we promise to provide you with un-biased, expert advice on the best CCTV products and technologies available. CCTV Installation for Home Security systems can deter most potential burglars and intruders. Protect your home and your family by installing the right home security system. Even if you are away from your home, you are at ease because you know that your house is safe from any intrusions. Your home is where you and your family resides so choosing the right home security camera not only gives you a sense of safety but also serves as a protection against any burglaries. CCTV Installation for Bars & Clubs CCTV for pubs is very common and important. Many local authorities expect pubs to have a fully maintained CCTV camera system in place that is recording for a minimum of 30 days. This is mainly due personal injuries or attacks that happen inside or near pubs. We have satisfied many pub landlords by installing bespoke vandal resistant CCTV camera systems covering the entire premises from behind the bar to the stockroom.
CCTV Installation for Retail Shops Majority of shops in lower mainland benefit from CCTV cameras. CCTV Cameras in shops greatly reduce the number of petty crimes and shoplifting. We have fix cctv vancouver installation packages for retail shops, but always work on a case by case basis. We guarantee to install a professional CCTV system that will satisfy all your needs and gives you the protection that you require. CCTV Installation for Restaurants Restaurant owners 'Install CCTV' cameras in their premises to add to their dinners peace of mind and to protect their business. Just like bars and nightclubs, the security issues that restaurants face come primarily from inside the business and with the potential for up to 25% of profits to disappear on a monthly basis due to employee carelessness or theft. An increasing number of restaurant owners are turning to CCTV camera systems for help. Whether you want to secure your till or want to keep an eye on your kitchen and storage room we can help. We have installed various CCTV camera systems for restaurants in lower mainland. Our CCTV Installation services are seconds to none. CCTV Installation for Commercial Buildings We Install CCTV systems for offices and commercial buildings all across Lower mainland. Request a free CCTV Quote or a free site survey for your property. No jargon, no sales, no obligation, just answer to all your security related questions. CCTV Installation for Schools and colleges CCTV in schools is on the rise rapidly. We offer a complete CCTV system solution from CCTV cameras in the play grounds to covert CCTV in exam rooms. All schools in Lower mainland qualify for special pricing for CCTV installation and maintenance.

We provide professional Preventive and Responsive Maintenance in greater London and the surrounding areas. Our yearly CCTV Maintenance service includes checking the equipment and carrying out necessary updates or repairs. Maintenance contract agreements depends on the CCTV equipment, size and setup. A Free CCTV Site Survey can help us provide this figure to you.

CCTV Maintenance benefits:

  • Maintenance reduces system failures
  • CCTV equipment last longer if regularlymaintained
  • Minor faults will be identified before it is too late
  • Next day call-out &maintenance visit guaranteed
Maintenance packages include:
  • Up to 50% OFF normal CCTV repair
  • A visual inspection of all major and minor CCTV equipment.
  • Cleaning of security Camera lenses or housing. Re-Focus camera lenses -This ensures a clear view and coverage angle.
  • Repair of faults which have occurred. (General CCTV Maintenance) Tutorial on the CCTV system to answer any questions.
  • A copy of findings and repairs prepared and email to the client. Advice given on any alterations, improvements or security risks.
Is your CCTV system not working as normal? Your business can be affected if the CCTV goes offline. Thefts are more likely to take place when criminals know there is no security present. Contact us today for advice.
Do you need an emergency call out due to an essential CCTV camera not working? Please call MRCCTV @ 778-828-8887 . We can send an engineer to repair the fault for you.